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Train in semiotics with e-semiotics!

Semiopolis proposes a subscription to the e-semiotics® software with a training.

E-semiotics® is an e-learning semiotics software. It teaches you semiotics through practice. Connected to the software through ASP mode, you are assisted, guided step-by-step in the analysis of all the logos, packaging and communications you want.

Download the program

The e-semiotics software is available on the Internet. A photo of your support (packaging, logo or communication), integrated to the interface of the software, appears on your screen. It is of course possible to use the application with several other people by projecting the software onto a large screen with a video projector.

The software guides you and asks you all the right questions at the right time: it's up to you to answer them!

Once the e-semiotics analysis® is completed, hindsight and the sharp knowledge of your support (signs and positioning values) is very significant.

  • Some tables summarize the results of your analysis: signs, positioning values associated to the following actors: the brand, the product, the user, the buyer and the containing / support.
  • This way you increase your ability to communicate efficiently amongst colleagues, with your creative agency during the brief and the evaluation of the creations.

Alone, in pairs or in teams to brainstorm, e-semiotics® is the ideal tool to learn by practicing it to dissect an advertising image and predict its impacts on a given consumer.

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