Semiopolis is an auditing, consulting and monitoring agency that delivers training in semiotics and branding and design strategies.

Semiotics is an area of Language Sciences. It studies symbols, displays, and their meanings in their relevant socio-cultural context. Having an expertise of signs and their meanings can enable the dissemination of the desired product positioning and can help anticipate the targeted group’s behavior.

Our services aim to enable brands to improve their market positioning and communications through their choice of signs and displays.

Semiotics audit

Semiopolis advises brands on their positioning, their choice and manner of arranging symbols and various mediums (logo, packaging, TV advertising campaign, website, emailing, mailing...)

E-semiotics training

E-semiotics® is an e-learning semiotics software. It teaches you semiotics through practice. Connected to the software through ASP mode, you are assisted, guided step-by-step in the analysis of all the communications you want.

Semiotics training

Seeking training in Semiotics? Semiopolis offers training in semiotics to gain the fundamental keys of advertising analysis, specializing in the analysis of mediums such as packaging, emailing, book cover, wine label and body language.

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